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Liang Zhu, I Loved Her Twice Slots

Famous Chinese Tales inspire many Asian-themed slot games. Liang Zhu, I Loved Her Twice is an example of this story. It tells the story of a girl forced to dress up as a boy to attend school. She falls in love with Liang Shanbo and must reveal her true identity to him. Liang responds to her passion by showing who she is. Zhu’s parents force Liang into an arranged marriage, forcing the two to part ways. Liang, devastated, dies. Zhu also dies shortly after that, the day before her arranged marriage. The butterflies turn into butterflies, and they are together forever.

This is a beautiful tale to build a slot game on. You’ll quickly fall in love with the opportunity to play five reels and 50 pay lines filled with themed prize symbols. Using the Pick Initiation Feature, you can also win total-bet multipliers and free spins. There are also Super Stacks Feature and a Collection Bonus.

Lessons To Learn

Amazingly, women in certain countries are not allowed to receive an education. However, you will learn your lessons in this slot. Zhu, Liang, and the main symbols are worth looking out for. Both of these symbols can bring you 50x your line bet. You can win as much as 25x of your line bet on books, pendants, inks, and quills, keeping with the scholarly theme.

Also, you’ll want to collect a lot of Wild Chinese Symbols. These symbols can be used to substitute other symbols for prize lines. They are also a prize symbol, with a top prize worth 500x your line bet.

Choose Your Partner

Pick Initiation Bonus is activated by any three or more Zhu/Liang symbols. Three triggering symbols can award one pick from 9 options and the chance of winning up to 10x your bet or eight free spins. Four triggering symbols can grant you two choices out of 12 votes and the opportunity for you to win as much as 20x your total bet or eight free spinnings. 5 triggering symbols can award you three picks out of 15 options and the chance to win 50x or more than eight free spinnings. This bonus is sure to please fans of instant-win scratch cards.

You can trigger the random Collection Bonus, which gives you 8-24 free spins. The Collection Bonus offers a ladder of prizes, with the lowest rung worth 5x and the highest at 100x. Each rung can be climbed by collecting five butterflies.

A Stacked Symbols feature is also available. Symbols will be stacked before a spin. Then, these symbols will all become one symbol, and you have the chance to win big prizes. All players can enjoy 50 pay lines!

Although the story behind this slot may be quite humble, High 5 Games has packed in many great features to make it as playable as possible. The Pick Bonus and the Collection Bonus are particularly enjoyable, and stories of winnings might become as famous as Liang Zhu’s I Loved her Twice. At the very minimum, this is a worthwhile addition to High Five Games’ selection of Asian slots, such as the Last Master.